What happened on September 9, 1945?

September 9, 1945 was on a Sunday, the 252nd day of the year in week 37. The day happened 27499 days ago, or 39599278 minutes if you like.  Harry S. Truman was president for the Democratic party and the catholic church pope was Pius XII (Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli). There were approximately 2,430,491,921 people living on earth on this day.

September 9, 1945

The moon on September 9 1945

This Sunday in September the moon was in the phase of Waxing Crescent Moon.

September 9 1945 in roman numbers


Zodiac sign: Virgo

If you are born on September 9 1945, then your zodiac sign is Virgo.

Numbers of September 9, 1945

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Events on September 9 1945

  • Second Sino-Japanese War: The Empire of Japan formally surrenders to China

Born on September 9 1945

  • Ton van Heugten, Dutch motocross racer (d. 2008)

Deaths on September 9 1945

  • Max Ehrmann, American poet and lawyer

Celebrating birthday on 09 September

  • Michael Bublé, Canadian singer-songwriter and actor was born in 1975
  • Anton Oliver, New Zealand rugby player was born in 1975
  • Vikram Batra, Indian captain was born in 1974
  • Shane Crawford, Australian footballer and television host was born in 1974
  • Marcos Curiel, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer was born in 1974
  • Jun Kasai, Japanese wrestler was born in 1974
  • Gok Wan, English fashion stylist, author, and television host was born in 1974
  • Kazuhisa Ishii, Japanese baseball player was born in 1973
  • Mike Hampton, American baseball player and coach was born in 1972
  • Natasha Kaplinsky, English journalist was born in 1972
  • Jakko Jan Leeuwangh, Dutch speed skater was born in 1972
  • Miriam Oremans, Dutch tennis player was born in 1972
  • Xavi Pascual, Spanish professional basketball coach was born in 1972
  • Félix Rodríguez, Dominican baseball player was born in 1972
  • Goran Višnjić, Croatian-American actor was born in 1972
  • Eric Stonestreet, American actor was born in 1971
  • Henry Thomas, American actor and guitarist was born in 1971
  • Natalia Streignard, Spanish-Venezuelan actress was born in 1970
  • Rachel Hunter, New Zealand model and actress was born in 1969
  • Natasha Stott Despoja, Australian politician was born in 1969