What happened on September 29, 2001?

September 29, 2001 was on a Saturday, the 272nd day of the year in week 39. The day happened 7025 days ago, or 10116776 minutes if you like.  George W. Bush was president for the Republican party and the catholic church pope was John Paul II (Karol Józef Wojtyła). There were approximately 6,202,464,006 people living on earth on this day.

September 29, 2001

The moon on September 29 2001

This Saturday in September the moon was in the phase of Waxing Gibbous Moon.

September 29 2001 in roman numbers


Zodiac sign: Libra

If you are born on September 29 2001, then your zodiac sign is Libra.

Numbers of September 29, 2001

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Deaths on September 29 2001

  • Mabel Fairbanks, American figure skater and coach

Celebrating birthday on 29 September

  • Choi Ye-na, South Korean singer and dancer was born in 1999
  • Vera Lapko, Belarusian tennis player was born in 1998
  • Halsey, American singer was born in 1994
  • Lee Hong-bin, South Korean singer was born in 1993
  • Viktor Romanenkov, Estonian figure skater was born in 1993
  • Oleg Vernyayev, Ukrainian artistic gymnast was born in 1993
  • Adem Ljajić, Serbian footballer was born in 1991
  • Martin Jensen, Danish musician was born in 1991
  • Doug Brochu, American voice actor was born in 1990
  • Gerphil Flores, Filipina classical crossover singer and Asia's Got Talent finalist was born in 1990
  • Lena Wermelt, German footballer was born in 1990
  • Theo Adams, English photographer and director was born in 1989
  • Adore Delano, American drag queen and singer was born in 1989
  • Yevhen Konoplyanka, Ukrainian footballer was born in 1989
  • Aaron Martin, English footballer was born in 1989
  • Andrea Poli, Italian footballer was born in 1989
  • Fatima Lodhi, Pakistani social activist was born in 1989
  • Kevin Durant, American basketball player was born in 1988
  • Justin Nozuka, American singer-songwriter and guitarist was born in 1988
  • David Del Rio, American actor and director was born in 1987