What happened on September 24, 1945?

September 24, 1945 was on a Monday, the 267th day of the year in week 39. The day happened 27484 days ago, or 39577678 minutes if you like.  Harry S. Truman was president for the Democratic party and the catholic church pope was Pius XII (Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli). There were approximately 2,431,491,979 people living on earth on this day.

September 24, 1945

The moon on September 24 1945

This Monday in September the moon was in the phase of Waning Gibbous Moon.

September 24 1945 in roman numbers


Zodiac sign: Libra

If you are born on September 24 1945, then your zodiac sign is Libra.

Numbers of September 24, 1945

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Born on September 24 1945

  • Lou Dobbs, American journalist and author

Deaths on September 24 1945

  • Hans Geiger, German physicist and academic, co-invented the Geiger counter

Celebrating birthday on 24 September

  • John McDonald, American baseball player was born in 1974
  • Eddie George, American football player and sportscaster was born in 1973
  • Gillian Lindsay, Scottish rower was born in 1973
  • Rodrick Rhodes, American basketball player and coach was born in 1973
  • Conor Burns, British politician was born in 1972
  • Kate Fleetwood, English actress was born in 1972
  • Michael S. Engel, American paleontologist and entomologist was born in 1971
  • Mike Michalowicz, American businessman and author was born in 1971
  • Kevin Millar, American baseball player and sportscaster was born in 1971
  • Peter Salisbury, English drummer was born in 1971
  • Shawn Crahan, American drummer, songwriter, and producer was born in 1969
  • Christopher Pincher, English politician was born in 1969
  • Shamim Sarif, English author, director, and screenwriter was born in 1969
  • Paul Ray Smith, American sergeant, Medal of Honor recipient was born in 1969
  • Megan Ward, American actress was born in 1969
  • Noreena Hertz, English economist, author, and academic was born in 1967
  • Christophe Bouchut, French race car driver was born in 1966
  • Rajesh Khattar, Indian voice actor was born in 1966
  • Bernard Gilkey, American baseball player was born in 1966
  • Stefan Molyneux, Irish-Canadian philosopher, author, and blogger was born in 1966