What happened on September 22, 1941?

September 22, 1941 was on a Monday, the 265th day of the year in week 39. The day happened 28947 days ago, or 41684399 minutes if you like.  Franklin D. Roosevelt was president for the Democratic party and the catholic church pope was Pius XII (Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli). There were approximately 2,334,019,594 people living on earth on this day.

September 22, 1941

The moon on September 22 1941

This Monday in September the moon was in the phase of new moon.

September 22 1941 in roman numbers


Zodiac sign: Virgo

If you are born on September 22 1941, then your zodiac sign is Virgo.

Numbers of September 22, 1941

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Events on September 22 1941

  • The Holocaust in Ukraine: On the Jewish New Year Day, the German SS murders 6,000 Jews in Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Born on September 22 1941

  • Jeremiah Wright, American pastor and theologian

Celebrating birthday on 22 September

  • Elizabeth Bear, American author and poet was born in 1971
  • Toomas Krõm, Estonian footballer was born in 1971
  • Luther Reigns, American actor and wrestler was born in 1971
  • Gladys Berejiklian, Australian politician, 45th Premier of New South Wales was born in 1970
  • Mike Matheny, American baseball player and manager was born in 1970
  • Mystikal, American rapper and actor was born in 1970
  • Hitro Okesene, New Zealand rugby player and coach was born in 1970
  • Rupert Penry-Jones, English actor was born in 1970
  • Emmanuel Petit, French footballer was born in 1970
  • Nicole Bradtke, Australian tennis player and sportscaster was born in 1969
  • Tuomas Kantelinen, Finnish composer and conductor was born in 1969
  • Sue Perkins, English comedian, actress, and radio host was born in 1969
  • Matt Sharp, American singer-songwriter and bass player was born in 1969
  • Matt Besser, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter was born in 1967
  • Super Delfin, Japanese wrestler was born in 1967
  • Brian Keene, American novelist was born in 1967
  • Ian Mortimer, English historian and novelist was born in 1967
  • Rickard Rydell, Swedish race car driver was born in 1967
  • Félix Savón, Cuban boxer was born in 1967
  • Ruth Jones, Welsh actress, producer, and screenwriter was born in 1966