What happened on September 11, 1945?

September 11, 1945 was on a Tuesday, the 254th day of the year in week 37. The day happened 27497 days ago, or 39596398 minutes if you like.  Harry S. Truman was president for the Democratic party and the catholic church pope was Pius XII (Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli). There were approximately 2,430,625,262 people living on earth on this day.

September 11, 1945

The moon on September 11 1945

This Tuesday in September the moon was in the phase of Waxing Crescent Moon.

September 11 1945 in roman numbers


Zodiac sign: Virgo

If you are born on September 11 1945, then your zodiac sign is Virgo.

Numbers of September 11, 1945

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Events on September 11 1945

  • World War II: Australian 9th Division forces liberate the Japanese-run Batu Lintang camp, a POW and civilian internment camp on the island of Borneo

Born on September 11 1945

  • Franz Beckenbauer, German footballer and manager

Celebrating birthday on 11 September

  • Juan Cobián, Argentinian footballer was born in 1975
  • Pierre Issa, South African footballer was born in 1975
  • DeLisha Milton-Jones, American basketball player and coach was born in 1974
  • Richard Ashcroft, English singer-songwriter and musician was born in 1971
  • Taraji P. Henson, American actress was born in 1970
  • William Joppy, American boxer and coach was born in 1970
  • Ted Leo, American singer-songwriter and guitarist was born in 1970
  • Antonio Gómez Medina, Mexican wrestler was born in 1970
  • Stefano Cagol, Italian photographer and director was born in 1969
  • Eduardo Pérez, American baseball player, manager, and sportscaster was born in 1969
  • Allan Alaküla, Estonian journalist was born in 1968
  • Paul Mayeda Berges, American director and screenwriter was born in 1968
  • Maria Bartiromo, American financial journalist and television personality was born in 1967
  • Harry Connick Jr., American singer-songwriter, pianist, actor, and talk show host was born in 1967
  • Sung Jae-gi, South Korean activist, founded Man of Korea was born in 1967
  • Charles Walker, English politician was born in 1967
  • Bashar al-Assad, Syrian politician, 21st President of Syria was born in 1965
  • Paul Heyman, American wrestling promoter, manager, and journalist was born in 1965
  • Moby, American singer-songwriter, musician and DJ was born in 1965
  • Victor Wooten, American musician was born in 1964