What happened on April 7, 1994?

April 7, 1994 was on a Thursday, the 97th day of the year in week 15. The day happened 9757 days ago, or 14050856 minutes if you like.  Bill Clinton was president for the Democratic party and the catholic church pope was John Paul II (Karol Józef Wojtyła). There were approximately 5,603,270,503 people living on earth on this day.

April 7, 1994

The moon on April 7 1994

This Thursday in April the moon was in the phase of Waning Crescent Moon.

April 7 1994 in roman numbers


Zodiac sign: Aries

If you are born on April 7 1994, then your zodiac sign is Aries.

Numbers of April 7, 1994

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Events on April 7 1994

  • Rwandan genocide: Massacres of Tutsis begin in Kigali, Rwanda

Born on April 7 1994

  • Johanna Allik, Estonian figure skater

Deaths on April 7 1994

  • Lee Brilleaux, English singer-songwriter and guitarist

Celebrating birthday on 07 April

  • Rafaela Gómez, Ecuadorian tennis player was born in 1997
  • Emerson Hyndman, American international soccer player was born in 1996
  • Johanna Allik, Estonian figure skater was born in 1994
  • Aaron Gray, Australian rugby league player was born in 1994
  • Ichinojō Takashi, Mongolian sumo wrestler was born in 1993
  • Andreea Acatrinei, Romanian gymnast was born in 1992
  • Guilherme Negueba, Brazilian footballer was born in 1992
  • Luka Milivojević, Serbian footballer was born in 1991
  • Anne-Marie, English singer-songwriter was born in 1991
  • Nickel Ashmeade, Jamaican sprinter was born in 1990
  • Anna Bogomazova, Russian-American kick-boxer, martial artist, and wrestler was born in 1990
  • Sorana Cîrstea, Romanian tennis player was born in 1990
  • Trent Cotchin, Australian footballer was born in 1990
  • Alexa Demara, American actress, model and writer was born in 1989
  • Franco Di Santo, Argentinian footballer was born in 1989
  • Mitchell Pearce, Australian rugby league player was born in 1989
  • Teddy Riner, French judoka was born in 1989
  • Antonio Piccolo, Italian footballer was born in 1988
  • Ed Speleers, English actor and producer was born in 1988
  • Martín Cáceres, Uruguayan footballer was born in 1987