What happened on April 21, 1994?

April 21, 1994 was on a Thursday, the 111th day of the year in week 17. The day happened 9743 days ago, or 14030696 minutes if you like.  Bill Clinton was president for the Democratic party and the catholic church pope was John Paul II (Karol Józef Wojtyła). There were approximately 5,606,398,559 people living on earth on this day.

April 21, 1994

The moon on April 21 1994

This Thursday in April the moon was in the phase of Waxing Gibbous Moon.

April 21 1994 in roman numbers


Zodiac sign: Taurus

If you are born on April 21 1994, then your zodiac sign is Taurus.

Numbers of April 21, 1994

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Born on April 21 1994

  • Mitchell Weiser, German footballer

Celebrating birthday on 21 April

  • Mitchell Weiser, German footballer was born in 1994
  • Isco, Spanish footballer was born in 1992
  • Rene Santos, Brazilian footballer was born in 1992
  • Joc Pederson, American baseball player was born in 1992
  • Aleksandar Prijović, Swiss-born Serbian footballer was born in 1990
  • Tatyana McFadden, Russian-American sprinter and skier was born in 1989
  • Carlos Muñoz, Chilean footballer was born in 1989
  • Ricky Berens, American swimmer was born in 1988
  • Jencarlos Canela, American singer-songwriter and actor was born in 1988
  • Pedro Mosquera, Spanish footballer was born in 1988
  • Adam Rooney, Irish footballer was born in 1988
  • Nadif Chowdhury, Bangladeshi cricketer was born in 1987
  • Eric Devendorf, American basketball player was born in 1987
  • Leroy George, Dutch footballer was born in 1987
  • Anastasia Prikhodko, Ukrainian singer was born in 1987
  • Audra Cohen, American tennis player was born in 1986
  • Alexander Edler, Swedish ice hockey player was born in 1986
  • Rodney Stuckey, American basketball player was born in 1986
  • Mirko Valdifiori, Italian footballer was born in 1986
  • Shayna Fox, American voice actress was born in 1984